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WEEE is in the very best five growing waste flows within the United Kingdom and now makes up to one million tonnes per year, with this particular figure set to grow significantly within the following ten years. This vast increase is a result of various factors including a higher demand, lower priced products and improvements in technology.

We can design your WEEE recycling strategy to your requirements. With our skilled knowledge a site audit will soon be run and pertinent advice used to set out your WEEE storage and group processes. In the day of collection we will give you a duty of care transport note as well as a Hazardous Waste Consignment note.

Data Security
Disposing of redundant IT equipment as well as the sensitive information a hard drive may hold is a concern for each and every company. We’ll supply a data destruction certification for absolutely any hard drives which are picked up.

You will locate additional information regarding the Data Protection Act in the Government’s website.

The WEEE Alternative
Our WEEE cartons are a tidy, convenient, safe and eco friendly onsite option which makes recycling waste electrical things simple and ensures that companies are compliant with present small laws.

To put it simply, itis a sizable carton set on your own premises which you fill with waste electric and electronic items for recycling and recovery.

Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, our WEEE Cartons provide the whole solution for companies in need of a easy method to dispose of their electric and electronic waste.

When it’s electric and fits in the WEEE Carton subsequently throw it in!

How the WEEE Carton Works
Actually, using our tiny Carton service could not be simpler. All you need to do is just follow these measures:

1.Telephone to purchase your WEEE Carton.
2.WEEE Carton delivered direct to your premises.
3.Fill WEEE Carton with waste electric and electronic things.
4.When complete, call to arrange collection and purchase a replacement.
5.WEEE Carton accumulated within 72 hours and replacement delivered.
6.WEEE consignment note supplied.

Not certain how lawfully dispose of electric gear?

The WEEE regulations require manufacturers of EEE to fund the recycling costs of EEE at its end-of-life.

The WEEE Carton a price competitive alternative to help companies dispatch their small duties. This is not going to give the duty and guarantees you require as a company. Our practical expertise and total array of services ensure we can assist you to fulfill your WEEE duties only. Be assured that you’ve selected the most suitable choice available with a name you’ll be able to trust.

Safe Waste research and development team has an extensive history for constant research and development. We’ve also successfully finished various jobs working with operators and multi-area teams:

Technology development

Safe Waste recognises that petroleum and gas firms are always trying to enhance their waste management functionality by reducing volumes of ending-waste generated, raising rates of recycling and reuse and usually optimising their operation in this region. Oil and gas companies are reliant on specialists including Local waste management to ease these developments, and we’re constantly trying to introduce new services and technologies that will enable clients to realize these efficiency increases.

Safe Waste is right at the vanguard of research and development within the gas and oil waste management business. Testament to this is the debut of similar technologies which are yet to satisfy our award winning operation standards.

We continuously develop our existing services – raising efficiencies by enhancing throughput, size, shapes and functionality across our variety of technologies. In addition we’re constantly looking at new ways of using our existing technology. The recent launch of our chopper transportable TCC RotoMill Heli-Lift unit came as a development responding to business conditions.

Safe Waste has joined an extensive history of research and development, in house engineering and international expertise within our onshore work sites to examine and demonstrate our technology and service programs before client operations.

Reuse of reclaimed substances
For many years Safe Waste has direct the development of the reuse of recovered materials from the gas and oil sector, establishing the standards and techniques used in and about our business sectors. Our aim will be to utilise and develop commercially powerful options that can offer long term sustainable uses for recovered materials.

Found oil
Safe Waste’s research in combination with leading operators, regulatory bodies and Universities, has been critical in creating a remedy for reusing base oils used in the drilling business.

Drill cuttings regained powder use.

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