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Safe Waste is not the same type of solid waste collection and recycling business.

Individual Waste Flow Groups

We offer six individual waste flow groups; wood, metal, inert or aggregates, small or dangerous waste, cardboard & paper and plasterboard. By using our individual waste flow collection service you’ll be able to ensure that the substances removed from your building site will probably be recycled. All our vehicles, dumpsters and containers may be utilized for individual waste collections.

Nursing Homes
We have customized a variety of providers and our spend management options to match medical property industries and the home house. The entire waste operations procedure is managed by us, to serious from holder addressing not each nonhazardous and non hazardous waste channels.

Spend operations that is nearby provides a total selection of waste-disposal providers, made to assist you to accomplish best-practice and handle your unpleasant squander, helping patient-care to be focused on by you.

The waste-disposal solutions include:

BadOR spend that is Incontinence
Spend that is medical
Sharps collection
Cytotoxic and spend that is cytostatic
Prescription spend
Waste that is hygienic
Managed medications selection.
More than 20, thousand clients currently confidence Nearby spend administration to handle their medical and waste channels that are unpleasant.

Maintenance treatment homes home medical homes, respite centres and day-care centres, we offer guidance and assistance that guarantees legal conformity that is complete. Which our nationwide community of amenities guaranteeing your spend compliments is handled compliantly and securely.

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